Locomotive Cab Inverter: Model ME4520

High-quality inverter, 74V DC to 120V AC Single Phase 25 Amps.

Power up with solid-state design

The ME4520 inverter provides clean 25 amps of 120V AC single-phase power to the locomotive cab. Primarily used to power RV-type air conditioners, the ME4520 inverter can be used for any cab equipment that requires 120V AC power such as refrigerators and microwaves. It provides sufficient capacity to power an RV air conditioner and a refrigerator. It will also power laptops, computers and radios with the addition of the ME4550 filter box, sold separately.


Also available in 74V DC to 220V AC model.


  • Microprocessor-Based Diagnostics For Monitoring And Continuous, Uninterrupted Output
  • Onboard Status Indicator Lights
  • Thermostatically Controlled Forced Air Cooling
  • Momentary Overload Protection