Locomotive Cab Heater: ME616 Series

Take the chill out and keep it out.

Freestanding engineer’s heaters with strip heater controls.

Designed specifically for retrofit applications, our ME616 Series engineer’s heaters are built to withstand tough railroad environments and deliver all-around efficient temperature control. In addition to normal controls, there is also a built-in control switch for a strip heater, as well as circuit breakers for both the cab heater and strip heater. Having all controls in the unit greatly simplifies wiring in the cab, saving hours of labor in one installation.

ME616 Specs

Brushless models are also available.


  • Strip Heater Control Switch And All-Circuit Breakers.
  • Exclusive Double Hairpin Heater Element With One-Third More Surface Area For Lower Watt Densities, Lower Surface Temperatures, Longer Heater Element Life.
  • Heavy-Duty DC-Rated Electroswitches.
  • No Voltage-Dropping Resistors.
  • “Low-Heat” Setting Prolongs Element Life.
  • Over-Temperature Switches Prevent Overheating.
  • Field-Proven Blower And Motor For Long, Trouble-Free Performance.