Locomotive Cab Heater: ME606 Series

Heat things up reliably

Flush-mounted helper’s side heaters in a range of wattage outputs.

The ME606 Series of wall-mounted helper’s side heaters are available in a range of heating capacities and various options. All are interchangeable with original equipment heaters. One important efficiency feature is our unique “low-heat” setting that allows all elements to be energized at 25% of rated wattage. This prolongs element life.

ME606 Specs

Custom-designed units and brushless models also available.


  • Exclusive Double Hairpin Heater Element With One-Third More Surface Area For Lower Watt Densities, Lower Surface Temperatures, Longer Heater Element Life
  • Heavy-Duty DC-Rated Electroswitches
  • No Voltage-Dropping Resistors
  • “Low-Heat” Setting Prolongs Element Life
  • Over-Temperature Switches Prevent Overheating
  • Field-Proven Blower And Motor For Long, Trouble-Free Performance