Locomotive Cab Fans

Comfort and accessibility are two important needs while traveling down a railroad track. Our always-reliable locomotive cab fans keep the air cool during times of short and long distance travel. Not to mention, they’re designed to produce minimal operational noise.

Keeping the air circulating properly means crews remain cool and comfortable. Built with rugged construction, brushless designs and flexible positioning, view our additional cab fan product details or request a quote below!

locomotive cab fan

ME810 Series  

  • Brushless Design Keeps It Quiet, Cool
  • Mounts In Any Position
  • Offers Multidirectional Airflow Adjustments
  • Adaptable To Switcher Or Road Units
locomotive cab fans

ME8110 Series  

  • Adjustable Speed For Controlled Comfort
  • Brushless Motor Keeps It Quiet, Cool
  • 74V DC Operation
locomotive cab cooling


  • Brushless Design Keeps It Quiet.
  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Construction Designed To Withstand Railroad Environment.
  • Adaptable To Switcher Or Road Units.
  • Runs Cool And Clean.