Locomotive Air Conditioner Model: ME7000

A workhorse for the iron horse

Our ME7000 side-mounted HVAC is designed for the most demanding railroad conditions.

With its high-performance blower and hermetically sealed compressor, the ME7000 is sure to meet the environmental requirements of your locomotive cab year ‘round. State-of-the-art electronic components further ensure its reliability, with overload protection and safety controls that guard against power misapplications or other conditions that cause ordinary HVACs to fail.

The ME7000 is conditioned cab air at its best, even when weather conditions are at their worst.

ME7000 Specs

Also available is the ME7000-9K providing 9.0 KW of heat in 3 stages.


  • 30,000 BTUH Cooling Capacity In 2 Stages
  • 11.25 KW Heating Capacity In 3 Stages
  • 2-Stage Blower Only Operation
  • High-Performance Blower
  • State-Of-The-Art Electronic Components
  • Internal Thermostat Keeps Cab Temperatures In The Comfort Zone
  • Hermetically Sealed, Scroll Compressor