Motive Equipment History

It All Started With a Passion for Quality

In 1985, three engineers who were railroad industry veterans set out on a mission to develop better engineered products at a fair price. Having left an existing railroad supply company, they formed Motive Equipment.

In the beginning, Motive Equipment was a design house and did small assembly work. As the company began to grow, it was soon recognized as the supplier of choice for numerous products. In 1987, the Ajax Refrigerator line was purchased and incorporated into Motive’s manufacturing facilities.

Motive Equipment’s solid reputation quickly led to inroads with locomotive OEMs and its products were specified by railroad companies and applied to new locomotives. In 1991, Motive Equipment built its first inverter-powered air conditioner, and by 1993, the product was a popular sell with OEMs and the railroads.

Today, Motive Equipment is a leader in cab-comfort products and custom-engineered solutions for the locomotive industry. The company has a worldwide presence as well as service facilities in several countries and the U.S. Motive Equipment manufactures numerous products found on locomotives throughout the world including HVAC units & air conditionerstoiletspower conversion products, and a host of smaller crew comfort items.